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Mechanical engineering project which would help for my MBA?

  1. Mar 2, 2013 #1
    am in 6th semester mechanical engineering please suggest me projects which would help me to get into b-schools.
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    An MBA is supposed to teach you how to manage people and projects. Engineering is the technical side of a project. The MBA is supposed to set goals, recruit people, estimate budgets, and so forth.

    Any project you do of significant size will be noticed by the school.

    That said: the MBA is not a goal unto itself. In other words, it is like getting a coaching degree without any background in what sport you are coaching. Can a figure skating coach turn around tomorrow and coach a hockey team? No. And yet there are idiots who walk around saying things such as "a good manager can manage anything" --as if management is an end in and of itself.

    It is not.

    Do whatever you need to do with a mechanical engineering degree. I also highly recommend getting in to the practice of mechanical engineering for a few years. The field of engineering in particular is a blend of the practical hands-on experience with the academic theories and methods. An engineer should have equal parts of both.

    THEN and only then, if you feel you want to manage people, should you consider the MBA. Be forewarned, there is a painfully large amount of truth to the Dilbert comic strip, and much of it stems from poorly educated MBA graduates that most schools produce. If you forge ahead to the MBA straight out of engineering school, you will be doing everyone, including yourself, a disservice.
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    Thank you Jake...your post has not only solved my doubt about project but also my doubts about MBA as a whole,Thank you very much
    i wish i had a mentor like you....
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