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Mechanical engineering research/project fields

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    If anyone has job prospect info, statistics or anything about these, please tell. Thanks a lot

    Energy and Fluid Systems
    Manufacturing and Dynamic Systems
    Materials Engineering
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    Or any other field of research in mechanical engineering
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    I'm not sure what you're asking for (particularly with the "or anything"). There's a lot of research being done in a lot of areas. I particularly pay attention to:
    • control systems, particularly UAVs
    • biomechanics (spinal disk replacement, prosthetics, etc)
    • haptic/human-computer interfaces
    • design optimization and optimization techniques
    • numerical analysis/techniques for computer-aided engineering
    • manufacturing processes, particularly in carbon-fiber composites
    There's a lot more than this going on all over mechanical engineering, but these are my favorites to watch for.
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    Thanks a lot
    Do you know where I can find information on job prospects, how many students are taking each?
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    Sorry, there you're on your own. Google is your friend.
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    Thanks a lot
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