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Mechanical Simulation Programs?

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    Mechanical Simulation Programs??


    i would like to know what is the best program for mechanical simulation, and the easiest one to learn and get used to (price doesnt really matter for now)
    the systems i want to test contain gears, springs, cranes and some pulleys
    all are simple mechanics as u can see, i need a good program to make calculations of force to be gievn into and out from the system, friction and some other forces.

    Note: i am not a mechanical engineer, thats why i want a simple porgam yet, very efficient!

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    Re: Mechanical Simulation Programs??

    Well I am really partial to ProEngineer/Mechanica, I have always really liked the way the whole suite works
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    Re: Mechanical Simulation Programs??

    Pro E + Mechanica, or Solidworks + Cosmos are ok, but you'll have to put in your time setting up the model.

    those "Simple" mechanics can be a lot of work to setup in a simulation.

    not trying to be a jerk, just beware that you will get out what you put in.

    If there was a simple way to do this, it'd be pretty awesome. The insight link looks decent.
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