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Mechanics of matericals algebra question

  1. Jul 14, 2009 #1
    mechanics of matericals .... algebra question

    I'm currently in Mechanics of Materials and I have reduced my problem to something similar to: 510/7.6=8.25/((pi/4)*d^2)

    how do I solve for d? I have been given the answer (from the back of the book) but i don't remember how to solve for d......by the way the above numbers are random and not from my text.....but it is similar...thx crich
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    Re: mechanics of matericals .... algebra question

    Are you familiar with the concept of inverse operations?
    [tex]\frac{510}{7.6} = \frac{8.25}{(\pi/4)d^2}[/tex]
    You can multiply the pi/4 to the otherside, divide by 8.25, inverse both sides, then take the square root.
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