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Mechanisms + Acceleration Diagram

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    Studying for my exams I came across this from a previous exam. I could do part i but could not do the second part. If someone could explain how to or provide their working would be appreciated and for part i their working to compare. Thanks for the time.

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    There are two components of the acceleration of point A. The angular velocity of the disk causes an acceleration towards the center of the circle. The angular accleration of the disk causes an accleration along the tangent to the circle.

    Once you have the angular accleration vector, use the same method as for the first part.

    If you don't know the formulas for the components of the accleration, check your course notes or textbook.
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    Thanks and got that sorted. Is it just a matter of drawing the resultant line for each link and then combing to make the acceleration diagram??
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