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Medical Physicists -- What is the process to becoming one?

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    I am wondering what the process is to becoming a medical physicist. There isn't an incredible amount of information on the matter. It seems to be somewhat of a budding field. How far do you take your education? What is the process like after attaining the necessary education? What would be the best way to prepare during your undergrad for the field? Any information here would be helpful.

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    Welcome to the PF.

    Check out the Similar Discussions list at the bottom of the page -- that will help you get started. :smile:
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    Hey SnapCracklePop,

    I tried to start a blog a couple months ago that answered most of your questions. You can check it out here. It also has a bunch of links to organizations that can help , such as the AAPM.

    At minimum you need an MSc. and then a residency (two years of formalized clinical training). It seems that more students are doing a full PhD though theses days. I suspect part of the reason is that residencies are scarce and competative.

    A lot depends on where you are. In the US you need board certification to be competative for most medical physics jobs. See for example:
    ABR Medical Physics

    There's a lot in my blog on this. Generally you're looking at a degree in physics or something closely related (like engineering physics). Try to see if you can get involved with some medical physics research as an undergraduate as well. That will give you a better idea about whether or not the field is one for you.
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