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Medical school with an engineering degree?

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    Would it be possible to go to medical school after getting a BASc from a good school in canada? What sort of avrage/GPA would one have to maintain. How many extra classes/requirements can one look at in order to make this possible....and finally with a good avg/gpa is there a good chance of making it?
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    The general answer is: yes.

    First you need to satisfy the prerequisits, which usually aren't too terrible. As an engineering student you'll have figure out how to fit in organic chemistry and biology, but so long as you've got the right courses, you can apply.

    Medicine is competative. I don't think anyone can tell you what marks you need definatively, but as a general rule, the higher the better. You'll be competing against a large number of students for a small number of spots.

    If you're thinking that engineering will give you some sort of an edge in that the admissions committee will somehow weight your physics, math and engineering courses differently than someone applying with courses in basket weaving and meditation, it won't - at least not at first. (You may have an advantage in the interviews when you're asked how your background has prepared you for a medical career).
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