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Melancholia, Lars von Trier's movie

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    In the Sci-Fi movie Melancholia, strange movie as it were I couldn't help but be drawn by the slowly moving planet as it gets closer to Earth. Unfortunately the new planets gravity should have shown many effects to weather/oceans much more in strength than what the Moon could have sooner. But as always the physics of the movie do not coincide with reality. What do you think for those that have watched this Sci-Fi flick or read the book?
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    Hi infinite:

    I did not like this movie. The premise was OK, but I thought that two things were poorly done.
    1. The view of the approaching planet seemed completely inconsistent with what was said about the time to impact.
    2. Although I do not remember the details, I do remember my reaction to the behavior of the people. It seemed to me to be over the top strange and unrealistic.

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    It was done with more of an artistic focus than a scientific one. The acting and visuals were good. I agree with you on the scientific inaccuracies, but that's hollwood for you. The behavior of the characters in the this movie reminded me a little of the 1998 film Last Night.
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    Agree.. very artistically done and directed. Reminds me of the surrealistic movie 'Upside Down'.
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    Best depiction of depression in film I've ever seen. The inaccuracies bothered me a bit, as I felt it would add to the viewing experience if it could be also taken at face value - as a disaster film that just happens to have depressed people in it. But then again, it did a pretty good job overall, it's just that I'm anal retentive about my orbital dynamics.

    What a lovely, lovely movie that one.
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