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Metropolis-Monte Carlo Algorithm

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    peace upon you every body
    i spent few minutes searching where to post my topic .. because it's talking about something in computational physics and i found no forum for computational physics or things like that.

    so if you don't mind opening new forum for computational physics and i can offer help for you and try to post good materials in it if you wish

    my topic is about the famous Metropolis-Monte Carlo Algorithm ..
    in fact Monte Carlo Methods in general are all sharing the same property which is the depending on RNG : Random Number Generating to solve problems in different ways and methods .. but they all share the same fundamental notion of depending on generating and treating random numbers or states, degrees, lengths .. etc.

    the question is : what if we wanted to write a simple formula or structure for Monte Carlo Methods so any algorithm which satisfies this structure or formula would be counted as a Monte Carlo Method

    and what to modify in the "supposed" structure in order to say that this would be a Metropolis-Monte Carlo Method ???
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    One of our forums is titled " Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics". I give you one guess what "Comp. Physics" means. This is where this thread will be moved to.

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    oh ... i didn't see that, maybe the next time i must spend more time on seeking ..
    anyway ,, thank you for your help

    bu the way .. maybe it's better to separate the "comp." physics in a special forum .. i think it's very wide ranged branch of physics nowadays
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