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I Micro Black Holes and Dark Matter as fuel for spaceship?

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    I've been reading several ideas postulated by some researchers using either Dark Matter and or a micro Black Hole as energy sources to power a future spacecraft.

    1) using dark matter as fuel to power a spacecraft by taking dark matter into a cavity and shrinking it to critical point using neutralinos (Neutralinos are curious in that they are their own antiparticles: two neutralinos colliding under the right circumstances will annihilate each other giving off tremendous energy). https://arxiv.org/abs/0908.1429

    2) using micro black hole which could be used as the energy source. This would be a Schwarzschild, or non-rotating, black hole which outputs Hawking Radiation for power. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20131203-could-black-holes-provide-energy

    Since CERN and the LHC both have the capability of producing micro BH's, it would be fascinating if they could scale the micro BH such that it could potentially be used for such an engine (of course we have the technical hurdle to contain it properly and to feed it).

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    All of these ideas are highly speculative. Do you have a particular question? There's not much we can discuss here since none of this is mainstream science.

    This is also highly speculative.
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    The main issue here is you only get out the energy you put into generating the micro BHs, see the responses in my Black hole explosions thread.
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    Understood and if the thread needs to be locked so be it... but thought this would be a good discussion since some of the science is there along with papers.
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    Hence why the 'feeding' of the micro BH would have to follow some protocol.
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    I've moved this thread to the Beyond the Standard Model forum because, while you did provide a link to a paper, it's using theoretical models which are speculative at this point, so the BtSM forum is the right place to discuss them.
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    I don't see the point in the black hole then, why not just feed the energy directly into the engine?

    Edit: Here's some more discussion: Are Black Hole Starships Possible?

    We investigate whether it is physically possible to build starships or power sources using the Hawking radiation of an artificial black hole as a power source. The proposal seems to be at the edge of possibility, but quantum gravity effects could change the picture.​
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