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Microshielding calculation for nuclear facilities

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    hi, can someone tell me about microshielding calculation for the design of nuclear facilities.. I don't have any idea about this topic. THANK YOU..
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    Please elaborate on what one means by 'microshielding'.

    And to what type of nuclear facility is one referring?

    Shielding design depends on the source strength and size/volume. Shielding for a nuclear reactor requires reinforced concrete, which surrounds and supports the core and the steel pressure vessel, whereas shielding for spent fuel requires a huge pool about 15 m in depth, while shielding for a medical isotope would be small vessel, and there is no shielding requirements for low enriched fuel in the fabrication plant - other than gloves, which are used when handling the U-bearing materials.
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    24" is the tenth thickness of water for both neutron and gamma
    4" is the tenth thickness of steel, but I believe that is just gamma
    2" is the tenth thickness of lead for only gamma.
    Not sure on concrete, but you can look it up.
    Tenth thickness is the amount of material needed to decrease radiation by an order of magnitude ( radiation/10)
    so DoseShielded=(DoseUnshielded)10^-(thickness/tenththickness)

    Unless you mean some other kind of shielding, then I'm drawing a blank.
    Hope this helps.
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