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Might be a string theory Question

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    Firstly i am under educated in physics, that said i have a great interest in physics, this intrest sends me a drift with many questions. As many questions in philosophy i seek to start at the beginning and develop a theory from there (or at least what i thin k is the beginning).

    For "existence" i believe that this would be finding the smallest or initial building block of "everything". Not knowing much if anything about string theory, i do not know if i am having original thought.

    As of late, i have been thinking that everything must be comprised of vibration or a frequency that this movement no matter how slight causes "everything". Wasn't it Einstein said everything exists in a place and at a time? i question (not that i compare to him), Does it not also have to move, vibrate, even at the smallest amounts. Is this kinda the track of string theory?

    So, here is my real question(s)
    Does string theory posit, that vibrations and or the frequency of them are responsible for everything?
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    String theory works kind of like that yeah, but we don't know how things work out exactly or even if they can in it's model quite yet. Also, there are other non-local effects going on and there is no string or vibration analogue as far as I know.

    If your interested in philosophy, you could look into the various interpretations of quantum mechanics and some of the far out ideas relating to string theory.
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    Thank you and yes i am interested in many forms of thought. My research into string theory has yelled little as far as what i am postulating. it is my belief that everything vibrates or has some form of motion at some level in order to exist in our reality. if there were Zero Motion that would be the definition of non existence.

    Crude example would be temperature, the lower the temperature the less movement there is in any given material. thus the temperature is related to the vibration and/or vise verse. Radioactivity, light, sound, even people, etc. all are manifest vibrations. (just a thought from and under educated person)

    I just do not know how far "M" Theory, has come to explain vibration or harmonics at the sub atomic level. But is my perception that it has everything to do with it.

    if anyone knows of any research into a related study please feel free to give me direction.

    ty, Seeking Knowledge
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    Here's a paper on brane tension and M-theory. Perhaps it can help you fine tune your line of thought. It covers fundamental string tension right in the first paragraph.
    It also shows how some M-theory results for brane tension can be derived from Olchinski’s formula for D-brane tension.

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