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Schools Military-related project proposal in University

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    Hi I am an applied math/physics undergrad, I am interested in developing/inventing a new technology that will benefit for the military.

    Is it ok if I propose a research project that relates to military in my university?

    I want to point out that I dont want to be involve in killing human beings (eg kinetic energy)?

    I'm more interested in advanced software engineering, AI, quantum computing, communication, control systems and more as long as its related to military, but not related in killing people.
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    Do you know what militaries do? Doesn't seem like it...
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    A lot of military action is also related to preventing people from being killed (e.g., by other people, or by environmental desasters). In fact, a well armed military doesn't even need to act to play its role: The mere fact that it is there will make opposing forces think twice before doing something. No, it's not so simple.

    Also, there is the whole logistics aspect of an armed force. Many generals have said that this is what makes of breakes a force in the end.

    OP: That being said, in university there is a good chance that in university you will not find much support for research that is clearly military related.
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    OP, you are an undergrad, so any research project that is going to use university resources or count for a grade is going to require faculty approval and support. You should really be talking to the professors at your school to find out if any of them are willing to advise you and whether or not you can come up with a project that both of you are interested in.

    There's nothing in principle wrong with a project that's military related. In the US, defense-related goverment agencies often sponsor university research in science and engineering. The bigger issue is finding a faculty member that is interested in advising you. Remember that a professor is going to have a much better idea of what type of research project is most suitable for an undergrad, so you might have to be willing to compromise a bit. Any research experience at this point will only be helpful later on when you hopefully have more freedom and skill in choosing research topics.
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    Are you in the US? The Army Research Office, the Navel Research Laboratory, and DARPA fund A LOT of university research. The fact that it relates to the military isn't a problem in and of itself.
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