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Miller indices of Ni based alloys

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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on what the miller indices of Inconel 600 and 690 alloys are. I know they are FCC structure, but does that automatically give them the conventional numbers, or is it something else since it is a complex alloy?
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    The Miller indices would apply to each phase in a rather complex system, but in these austenitic solid-solution alloys, it would be dominated by Ni. Cr generally forms Cr carbides.

    http://www.specialmetals.com/products/inconelalloy600.php [Broken]
    http://www.specialmetals.com/products/inconelalloy690.php [Broken]

    Inconel 600 is nominally 70% Ni (with 14.0-17.0% Cr and 6.0-10.0% Fe), while Inconel 690 is nominally 58% Ni (with 27.0-31.0% Cr and 7.0-11.0% Fe). There are small amounts of C, Si and traces of Mn and Cu. They do not have Mo, Nb, Al or Ti, which are found in other Inconels.
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    Thanks Astronuc! That's really great stuff. I guess the reason why I'm asking is because my friend is conducting x-ray diffraction studies on IN 600/690 for samples before and after being exposed to a supercritical water environment. I was hoping to get the miller indices in order to solve for the lattice parameter a.
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