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Minimum acceleration that humans can sense

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    I often travel by train. Sometimes, the train starts so slightly that I can not feel anything until look out of the windows. I know that's because of small acceleration.

    The question is is there an acceleration threshold for human beings to be sensed?

    I hope this is suitable for this box.

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    Here is some light reading related to your question. It's a scientific study on psychophysical acceleration detection thresholds.
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    Thanks for the link
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    Andy Resnick

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    Interesting question. Our bodies have multiple methods of determining motion and orientation: eyes and inner ear in addition to motor neurons. There is also a difference in perceiving acceleration and velocity.

    I recall a study showing that slightly vibrating a platform upon which subjects stood made it easier to balance and remain on the platform.

    PubMed has quite a few articles under the search term:

    acceleration threshold sensation human

    scan and see what looks interesting....
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