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Missing element in ANSYS classic

  1. Jul 21, 2012 #1
    while working with ansys classic, while adding link element 2D spar is not available in the list,do i need to install it additionally? if yes how? or otherwise what can i do?
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    I think you can create this element by script. Is it link180 ?
    I always encounter this problem with pipe16-18-59 or link8-10-180, often used in the old ansys versions. You can use old elements even If they are not listed in your last ansys version because replaced by new updated elements. However it is not possible by mouse clics in GUI, the only way is the APDL language in GUI or by script.
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    That is an unsupported element type but it is still available.


    The above command sets Element Type 1 to be LINK180.

    There are lots of undocumented commands that are still available due to legacy issues.
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    Sure, for link180 as example, you have to set the behavior (tension/compression) with real constant (before v14.5) or with keyoption (in v14.5) thus function of your Ansys version. Consequently be carefull because these types of evolution/modification could be miss in release note.
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