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Mobile technology Question -- tracking cellphone location

  1. Mar 21, 2016 #1
    I know quite a bit about tracking cell phones that are network contract phones. I need to know if it is possible to track a prepaid cell phone. I have heard that there are apps you can down load to a prepaid and there is a pay site that can then track the app on the phone.

    Has anyone had any experience with this technology?
    Does it work as advertised?
    Is there other technologies I can employ to tract the location of a person or vehicle that is commercially available that can be used?

    Thanks in advanced any technical advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Just to check, this is tracking the person with their permission and cooperation, right? I've used the apps for tracking family members, but as you say that is on contract phones (Verizon in my case).
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    This is tracking a minor, and family member yes. One I hope to keep out of some potential trouble. I legally have a right since I own the phone anyway.

    Its a replacement phone that I pay the bill for but I do not have the option for sprint family locator ,I just need to swap his sim card from the broken phone to the new phone.

    This is also a time sensitive situation. So I need to find out if its possible within the next 4 days sooner if possible.
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    I haven't used such, but are you hoping for a text message from the phone at regular intervals througout the day, or only when you send it a request for its location?
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    Only when I need to find him. He disappears on weekends and wouldn't answer his text or phone (from me or certain other family members). But would text his sister hours later and say things like "tell them Im fine" or "Im spending the night with friends." relaying messages indirectly. I won't get into too much detail but needless to say what I am asking is for the greater good. I really just need to know if these apps and sites actually work or is it a waste of money. And if they don't Ideas on other methods of finding/locating him.
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    Probably depends a lot on the network/country/phone/etc., but I know there was a case recently where someone had their phone stolen and its Find-My-Phone app (or some name like that) told him the address of the house where it was located. The police went there and retrieved the phone.

    Have you googled 'find my phone' to see the various methods? Depends...is it iPhone or Android or microsoft?

    More enlightening, search on 'parents tracking phone'
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    Hmmm interesting, I didn't think of that but now that you mention it The antivirus app has an option similar to that. not sure how that works either.
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    BTW is a straight talk (LG) android prism II the carrier is ATT but its prepaid.
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    You can track it through the google account used to set up the phone, normally. Maybe it needs an app that's in the play store but I don't think so.
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    Yeah I been studying it all day and it seem that on this phone it has what's called Android device manager and it will locate the phone if it has a google gmail account installed. This kid is very smart and if he spots that , its not his email and he cant open it he will know what's up and all he'll have to do is turn the phone off. I have to get an app that's hidden, he cant disable, and that he wouldn't be able to turn off. I have found a few that kinda fit the bill. Need to do some experimenting to see if its what I need.

    BTW thanks to all that have replied its been a help.
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    Actually I been looking and believe it or not there is an electronic dog tag that works like a cell phone tracker. He's been asking for a new pair of tactical boots and its small enough to fit in the heel lol. And he wouldn't know anything about it.
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    I wonder if Maxwell Smart's shoe phone could do that? :oldlaugh:
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    To be honest after doing some research the amount of tech in this particular field and its availability to the public is mind boggling and so is its potential for misuse.
    Its been quite a while since I have had a need for anything like this but there are multiple pieces of tech apps and sites that would make tracking someone's every move as easy as clicking locate on a phone app.

    WOW I had no idea.:))
  15. Mar 28, 2016 #14
    I also have a couple of teenage minors. If you don't bring this kid over to your side, you will lose.
  16. Apr 8, 2016 #15
    There's no such thing as safe in the internet and other mobile communication.
    Here's a quick youtube search https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mobile+spying

    This was released 6 years ago.
    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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