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Type of waves used in cell phone comm?

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    I have received conflicting information from the internet regaurding cell phone/mobile phone communication. Some articles site radio waves and others microwaves and still others mix the two when trying to explain the signals used by cell phones/mobile phones? What am I missing?

    I did some experiments involving older cell phones and the newer I-phones. A wire mesh can clearly block some of the older cell phones ability to receive a signal but the I-phones seem immune. My experiments, which basically involved wrapping phones in wire mesh and calling them, prove what? are my observations faulty?

    Finally I read that blue tooth technology uses radio vs. IR? But then the article explained how IR was used in "cell phones" so I got confused even further?

    Help. As I type this, I am using a laptop, what type of waves is it receiving and sending. WiFi are classified as?

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