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I Modeling a Binary Asteroid System Around the Sun

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    I am trying to create a model/simulation for a pair of binary asteroids in orbit around the sun and I'm wondering what would the best way to do this?
    The restricted 3-body problem doesn't work as I can't assume any of the 3 bodies as having negligible effect right? However the full 3 body problem incorporates the movement of the sun as a result of the asteroids which is negligible. I'm starting to get confused with all the different n-body problems.

    Any help much appreciated.
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    Are you studying the n body problem or do you have a specific case in mind? Personally, I would assume the asteroids' affect on the sun is exactly zero. The sun is more massive than the largest asteroid by ten orders of magnitude. The distances involved are also off by many orders of magnitude.

    What is considered negligible enough to zero out?
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