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Modeling of toroidal transformer

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    I want to model a toroidal transformer with a given permeability and saturation flux density. Specifically, I want to model a split core toroid clipped onto a power line, to simulate coupling, so it is really a one turn secondary and a primary of arbitrary turns.

    Any software packages out there that are able to do this?
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    There are magnetic design packages, but why bother? This is so simple, you can do it on a 4x6 index card in a few minutes. It's little more than an Amprobe (tm). Is there some detail that you specifically want to see?
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    I'm looking at using different types of material (e.g., nanochrystalline, amorphous, electrical steel) with different geometries and air gaps. I also want to assess the coupling at different frequencies (in the kHz range), so it becomes a more involved problem than just working out the inductance of a toroid.
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