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Modeling T-Stub as Beam (having difficulty)

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    Hi all, I am trying to find the slope of a T-stub joint at the bolt in order to find the bending stress of the bolt.

    I have drawn 1/2 of the T-stub as a beam. The beam analysis requires (for physicality) that the slope at each side of the beam to be zero. There is an applied load, a bolt load, and a prying load.

    This problem is certainly statically indeterminate... I have tried a few methods of circumventing this (superposition, deflection equations) yet still always end up with 1 more unknown than equation.

    Can anyone take a look and see if (a) im making the right assumptions, and (b) how to tackle this problem?

    Much appreciated!

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    I have since updated my analysis by assuming the deflection at the bolt is equivalent to the bolt reaction divided by the bolt stiffness, kb.

    I have attached all of my equations.

    I am getting Rb = 43 and Rc = 13 , (with applied load of T = 30) in my beam analysis.

    Modeling the beam in ANSYS i get RB = -10, RC = 20 ... So there appears to be an error somewhere.

    Anyone feel like looking through my scribble to help me out?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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