Deflection of Prismatic Beam With Fixed Ends and Single Load

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I've been refreshing my mind with regards to solving statically indeterminate beam deflection problems. In an effort to achieve confidence over my solutions, I attempted to recreate the standard equations in Figure 1. In my problem, I changed it so that:

  • a = b = L/2
  • Ay = R1
  • By = R2
  • etc.
However, while I expected the equations to naturally spit out Ay = By = P/2 as one would expect, I got By = P and Ay = 0. Can you find Waldo in Figure 2 and 3?

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3



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Why not use the equations as written with your numbers rather than try to refactor it?
Due to my inexperience in a real engineering environment, I don't feel confident using an equation I can't even derive. Since I won't have a professor to tell me I'm right after graduation, I'm trying to figure out how to create that validation on my own so that I can provide my employer with a solution I know will work.

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