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Homework Help: Modelling with polynomials and rational functions

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    4 The height, x metres, of a diver above a swimming pool at time t seconds after he has bounced from the diving board can be modelled by the function x(t)= 3- 3t (3t^2/2)
    a How long, in seconds, after he has bounced from the diving board does the diver
    reach his maximum height?
    b What is the maximum height reached by the diver, in metres?
    c After exactly how many seconds does he hit the water?
    d How deep is the diver half a second after he hits the water, assuming that the model
    remains valid for this time?
    Give your answer to the nearest centimetre.

    i really need help with part d. i don't understand the question. could someone please help me?

    thank you
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    If you know how long it takes for him to hit the water, just plug in t+1/2 to the polynomial.
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