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Mods deleting threads

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    Recently I was in the middle of replying to a first time poster when the thread was deleted. The only problem with the thread was that the first time poster hadn't used the homework template.

    Not exactly a warm welcome for a first time poster. Hopefully mods send them a PM to explain?
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    Yes, this happens.

    Usually its more than just the template not being used. It may be:
    - they posted in the wrong forum
    - didn't indicate the level of understanding (relevant equations)
    - and/or failed to show any effort in solving the problem

    We warn the OP and then soft delete the thread.

    The PF warning system will send them an email indicating the problem with their post with an opportunity to PM the mentor.
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    I would report the thread instead of replying to it to reduce your own frustration :)
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    Usually that means that not only did they not use the homework template, they also didn't put the information the template is asking for into their post either. I can't speak for other mentors, but practically all of the homework forum reports I deal with involve a member posting their question and just asking for the answer, with no work shown and no relevant equations or other information. In those cases I do in fact warn the member and delete the thread.

    If someone doesn't use the homework template, but puts all of the relevant information into their post, then there usually isn't a problem so it doesn't get reported or deleted.
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