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Molar volume and surface tension of nanoparticle

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    Hi .how can i calculate the molar volume and surface tension of nanoparticles ? shoud i have to calculate? or these parameters is available in tables or sth?
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    Sorry but I don't understand what you are really asking about in your question .

    Are you possibly asking about the properties of a fluid containing a suspension of nanoparticles ?
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    No,Nanoparticles are in pure state and they want to absorb asphaltene dissolved in toluene. I want to have data on molar volume and surface tension of nanoparticles in pure state (i.e. before absorption)
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    As far as Surface tension is concerned,It is a concept that is applicable only to surfaces that separate two fluids.There is no such thing applicable for solids.However,you can find the ST of a nano-fluid once you suspend the particles in the fluid.
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