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Momentum and Energy Conservation of a Space Elevator

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    I want to know what exactly is the free-electron laser power beaming system that will be used in our future Space elevator and how the conservation of energy and momentum is associated with this project that NASA will launch. ?

    Other info: I am taking grade 12 university level physics;
    All answers are appreciated and thank you all for your assistance.
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    Is NASA actually trying to engineer a space elevator? I thought the idea was purely theoretical at this point.
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    You are right. I worded it wrong. However, NASA did state that this project will be completed in about 15 years
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    D H

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    NASA has stated no such thing. The space elevator is but a fantasy at this point in time.
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    NASA did not state; but through an article I found was compiled someone who must be part of NASA? Unless if you think the article has false data:

    Check it out: http://www.spaceelevator.com/docs/elevator.pdf [Broken]

    On page 2 he does state:
    " Advances in these five areas over the next 10 to 20 years
    will lay the foundation for future space elevator developments"

    so sorry for the 15 year part (my mistake)
    but the construction will start after about 20 years
    so its not purely a fantasy right?
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    What you quote doesn't say anything like that. It says that construct could in as soon as 20 years, not that it will.
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    yes i realized my mistake and I would edit it but I cannot...

    Either way. my main question of 'discussion' was how would the conservation of momentum and energy be applied in a space elevator.
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    What is it about the elevator that makes you think momentum would not be conserved? Are you referring to the problems of actually getting it in place?
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    Its not that I dont think it WONT be conserved but rather I do not understand how?

    I mean what do elastic collisions got to do with an elevator that will move up in a very powerful electromagnetic field(i think).
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    Who said anything about elastic collisions? You're going to need to be a lot more specific about what you are asking - we're not mind readers.
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