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I Momentum exchange during diffraction

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    I just learnt that there is a well established theoretical picture that explains the change of momentum associated with direction change during a diffraction event, in terms of quantized momentum transfer to the diffracting object. For example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duane's_hypothesis

    This picture is also supposed to be applicable to diffraction during transmission through a single slit or a double slit.

    I am just wondering what kind of forces actually mediate the exchange, e.g. in the cases of electron diffraction and photon diffraction. I found hints suggesting that this could be related to phonons within the screen material, but - if so - wouldn't the diffraction then be a function of the solid state physics happening inside the screen?

    This leads to my actual question : is it reasonable that the force that "mediates" the deflection and momentum exchange is a kind of Casimir effect occuring within the slit volume, where certain EM modes are suppressed by geometry?

    Also, what force would mediate the momentum transfer when a photon is diffracted through a slit?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You can work it out: there are only four fundamental forces ... list them and see which makes sense. Consider: how do photons normally interact with matter?
    The specifics of the interaction are very complicated - it's a bit like how a collision is very complicated but you can do reliable physics on the bits that fly away by using conservation of momentum if we use a "before" and "after" approach.

    ... only by analogy. The possible paths between source and detector are open - the rest supressed. This is not a casimir effect though, just normal absorbtion etc.

    You can work it out: you have a choice of four. List them: which one applies.

    See also:
    ... gives you an idea about what sort of momentum exchange would be present.

    Make sure you see the followup though:

    ... full text also available through arxiv.

    And just in case:
    ... accessible description of photon-matter interactions.

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    My understanding is that the phonon model for crystal diffraction constrains the transfer of momentum as energy must also be conserved. It is the lattice spacing that is important.
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    Thanks. I'll look at those references.
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