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Homework Help: Momentum Multiple Choice Question

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    A boy travelling on a skateboard steps off the board perpendicular to its motion. After stepping off, the boy lands on the ground and comes to rest. Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT?

    A The boy exerts an impulse on the ground on impact
    B The ground exerts an impulse on the boy on impact
    C The momentum possessed by the boy before the collision is shared with the earth
    D The momentum possessed by the boy before the collision is transformed to heat

    Would the answer be D because momentum is not a form of energy; rather, it is a measurement which shows the tendency of an object to move in its line of direction.

    Furthermore, can the ground exert an impulse on objects such as bouncing balls, etc?
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    That is correct.
    Yes. A bouncing ball exerts an impulse on the Earth and the Earth exerts an equal in magnitude but opposite in direction impulse on the ball. This is a consequence of Newton's Third Law.
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