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More conveniently embedding graphics with post?

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    Is there a more convenient way of embedding graphics into a post? Currently, I can either include a "thumbnail" which really is too small unless you double-click on it and get a whole new screen, or I can first down-load my graphics to some site which hosts them, find the forum link to cut-and-paste, then include that code into my post.

    May I ask if it is possible to just press "manage attachment", provide the jpeg image, and it will then appear nicely embedded into the post? Here's an example which I think is very nice and professional-looking because it is embedded into the post:

    http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/3046/r6zm.jpg [Broken]

    That's my graphics but I first had to download it to imageshack and fiddle with their GUI and figure where to get the forum code for the URL. Just a lot of effort I think. It would be nice if I only had to supply the file name in the "manage attachments" here at PF without having to deal with imageshack.

    Can we possible set that up? By next Monday morning, first thing, would be nice. Ok, I'm just joking about the Monday part.

    Thanks for reading,
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    You could first attach it to the post and then use the link of the attachment that shows in posting screen to embed it... Personally I use postimg.org its quicker the imageshack
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    D H

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    A bit cumbersome, but
    1. Upload an image file as an attachment to your post.
    2. Click on the attachment to open it in a new window or tab.
    3. Copy the address.
    4. Use that address to form an image in the body of your post.


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    Ok DH. Thanks. That's a good first-start I think. However, it would certainly be much cleaner if the forum software could make all those operations transparent so all I would have to do is upload the file as an attachment and then the magnificent PF code would remember where the cursor was right before I went into manage attachment, then do (2), (3), and (4) automatically and insert the image where the cursor was.

    That would be slick. We can't do that?
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    You don't have to open the attachment to get the link. Under Mac OS, after I attach the file and return to the message-composition window, I hover over the file name in the "Attach Files" section, control-click, and choose "Copy Link Location" from a popup menu. I assume you can do something similar in Windows. (left click, maybe?)

    Then I paste the link between a pair of IMG tags in the body of the message.
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    Right click and copy link address for windows.
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    I've been using the technique of attaching a file, clicking on the attachment, getting the web-address, then embedding it as an image. Certainly, these embedded graphics are more professional-looking.

    However, is there anyway to remove the duplicate, redundant attachments at the bottom of the screen?

    Hope I'm not being too picky. Just would look cleaner. Here's a thread with quite a lot of graphics and the duplication just clutters things:

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    To do that, you'll have to find another site to host your image files, and then link to those from here.
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