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Removing duplicate graphics in attachments

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    I was just wondering, in an effort to make the forum more classy-looking, and I know I already asked this question but it was never really answered by the administration, is there anyway to remove the redundant graphics attachments when I add an attachments, then go on to link that attachment in the actual body of the thread using the PF link and not some other off-site link.

    All I'm saying is that it's just redundant-looking to have duplicate copies of the graphics.

    Here's my example in case it's something you guys are interested in looking into it:


    I believe if you remove the thumbnail and only have the embedded graphics, it more professional-looking and reduces clutter don't you guys think?

    Ok thanks,
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    It would look better, unfortunately, forum software deletes attachments that are not attached to any post. No idea if anything can be done without modifying the engine (which is easier said than done).
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    The image hosting sites like s2.postimg.org give the best results.
    Otherwise if you use bitmap image files (.bmp extension) then the thumbnail is replaced by a minuscule icon which is :

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    But that involves a third-party which I have to first log into, upload the file, cut the link out, log out, then log into PF.

    I think it would be cleaner if we could just do all that here.
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    You don't need to login or have an account in postimg.org...but yes its a bit more tiresome than doing it in-house. I suggest using .bmp or .png files as they look better than thumbnails generated by using jpegs.
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