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Most accurate form of maxwell equations?

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    What is everyones thoughts on the most accurate form of these equations with our current understanding of QM and relativity. Including the fact that a photon has greater than 0 rest mass.

    Would the two tensor equations of Covariant formulation of classical electromagnetism be the most accurate?
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    Vanadium 50

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    This is not a fact.
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    I thought QM proves no form of energy can ever be 0, at minimum it must be hbar/2
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    Maxwell's equations ARE classical EM. No less accurate or more accurate forms. Those 4 equations detail all that there is to say about classical EM (which is really quite amazing). If you want to meld electromagnetism with quantum mechanics and special relativity then you're simply not in the classical regime and the combined theory of all those is called QED (Quantum Electrodynamics). If you want to merge that with general relativity then... well... no one knows. That's the current holy grail of particle physics research. What is called a "grand unified theory"
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    The best theory of classical electrodynamics is the generalization of Maxwell's equations to curved spacetime. By classical I mean non-quantum.
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    You are misusing the term "grand unified theory." Grand unification is the unification of electroweak and strong forces into different aspects of the same force.

    Otherwise I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to the original post.
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    I am looking for the reletavistic quantum electrodynamic form of these equations, it does not need to be classical.
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    The units of h_bar/2 is not energy but momentum or action. Energy can be zero, no problem with it. Photons are massless by definition.
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    Then take the standard QED: it consists of EMF equations and charge motion equations coupled together.
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    ok going to take QED after I finish QM core
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    You're going to have to take a stop at QFT in between.
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