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Motivation Letter suggestions and improvements

  1. Nov 26, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone,

    So my university opened some Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates and part of the application requires a motivation letter. Here is what I wrote, I'm open to any suggestions or improvements, Thanks in advance!

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I was very excited when I learnt about the summer research opportunities at American universities in summer 0f 2016. I believe this to be a formidable opportunity to be a part of an undergraduate research project in Physics in some of the top universities in the world, giving me the chance to further develop research abilities as an undergraduate student, being this of paramount importance for the development of my professional future as a researcher in fundamental Physics: a key goal in my life. With this letter I hereby would like to express my motivation for applying to the research experience summer program.

    During my last year of study I have become very interested in Gravitational Physics as key endeavor to solve some of the deepest mysteries of the Universe. I have taken two graduate courses on Space-Time structure and General Relativity and Cosmology which have given me a strong foundation in Gravitational Physics. In these courses I have developed small research projects in Gravitational Waves and modified theories of Gravity which have further developed my interest in understanding Gravitational Waves generated in the very early universe and by compact objects, and their potential to become a prime experimental device to prove extreme gravitational phenomena in which a Quantum description of Gravity comes to play. Also I am eager to understand the dynamics that led to the current state of the Observed Universe specially mechanism such as inflation, particle production and matter anti-matter asymmetry in the reheating phase after Inflation and the late accelerated expansion of the universe due to Dark Energy. Additionally, I have a minor in Mathematics and have assisted to 5 different schools on Gravitation and Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, and Quantum Field Theory which complement my formation as a Physicist giving me extra experience besides my undergraduate studies. I have presented my work in compact objects in the Theoretical Physics seminar and my work on Gravitational Waves in the student’s Theoretical Physics Seminar which was founded by me and some undergraduate colleagues this semester. Furthermore I am developing my monograph on a new construction of a maximally invariant vacuum state for Quantum Filed Theories in Curved Space-Time which will help me to get more experience in Theoretical Physics which is what I want to do as a graduate student.

    With all this in mind I would like to develop my research project either with Professor *** at *** university on Cosmology of the very early Universe and particle production after the inflationary epoch or with Professor *** at *** University exploring the physics of strong gravitational objects with a view towards detection of Gravitational Waves by the LIGO observatory. Also, if the previous options were not available, I would like to work with Professor *** at the University of *** in the applications of Quantum Gravity in the dynamics of the early Universe and the late acceleration of the Universe. All these research projects will be a remarkable chance to apply my knowledge in Gravitational Physics into Theoretical research, by developing problem solving techniques and research abilities crucial to my formation as a future researcher in Theoretical Physics.

    Given these reasons I believe I am well suited to be a part of the program, which to me is an extraordinary opportunity to interact in a real research environment with students and researchers from diverse professional backgrounds coming from all over the World, working in world-renowned and prestigious institutions. Thus, gaining valuable research experience at an international level, building long-lasting relationships and contacts with other students, professors and scientists I will broad my horizons for the development of my future career as researcher. Moreover I am fascinated by the opportunity to work and publish novel scientific work during the internship, since having a small contributing to the scientific community is one of my main goals before ending my undergraduate degree as it would be of great help in my application to graduate School.

    Considering all the above I am eager to spend my summer researching in Gravitational Physics and having the opportunity to deepen my physical knowledge and my researching abilities. I believe that being a part of a research project as an undergraduate will further develop my career giving me a framework to fully utilize the whole of my knowledge and skills acquired at *** University. I am confident about fulfilling your expectations in research motivation, academic and personal excellence and really hope to be a part of this opportunity.

    Thank you very much for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable reply.
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    Staff: Mentor

    Try the the http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ tool for writing tips.

    and there are some similar PF threads shown at the bottom of this web page that you could check out as well.

    My take on your letter is that it could be trimmed down a bit to be less verbose.

    Perhaps @ZapperZ or other mentors here can provide better advice.
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