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Motor Selection to Operate Golf Cart Steering Wheel

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to select a motor for a project that will have enough torque to operate the steering wheel of a golf cart. I'm trying to avoid over design as I want to be as economical as possible. The problem that I am having lies in determining the torque that is required to move the steering wheel. The golf cart will be operated on pavement at low speeds.

    I am assuming the golf cart weighs 500lb that is evenly distributed to each tire. A requirement is that the motor be 12VDC.

    I found an article (http://www2.ee.ic.ac.uk/cap/publications/2003/parking_torques.pdf) that outlines the torque needed to move the steering wheel of a vehicle at low speeds, but I am not sure that I can apply the findings directly to my situation.

    If anybody can make any motor recommendations, or recommend a way to measure the torque I need, that would be great.
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    Seems the best way to find out what torque is needed would be to measure it. Do you have an idea of how to do this?
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    Put a torque wrench on the nut that holds the steering wheel on the column and measure the input torque. As far as the motor to turn the wheel, I would think about using a couple of sprockets and a chain to drive it from a stepper with an encoder or a servo motor so you can get some positional control as well as feedback if needed.
    Sounds fun!
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