Motor Torque, Starting Torque, Stall Torque, Load Torque

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    Hi, I am new here.

    I have some problems with the engine motor. What is the difference between starting torque (or locked up torque) and stall torque?

    What happen if motor torque = load torque? Will the mass move up with constant speed or stay stanionary? motor torque = stall torque = load torque?

    Thanks for any help and suggestion! :smile:

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    I hope this works

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    Assuming you are asking about an electric motor...

    Starting torque = torque reqd to overcome friction, load inertia, stiction, etc., and accelerate the load inertia. This is meant to be a transient value.

    Running torque or load torque = less than starting torque, keeps the previously accelerated inertia + load at steady state speed.

    Stall torque = torque value that will slow down and stop your motor + load. Hopefully you have properly wired your motor protection devices and they will kick in. Otherwise the motor will draw a lot of current, heat up, catch fire, burn your building down.
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    i have a 7.5 hp electric dc motor
    what is the torque produced at 1000rpm
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