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Move pop up when selecting text from bottom to right side

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    When I read threads, I like to select text from time to time, be it because I leave the computer for a few seconds or minutes and I want to know where I was, or because it's simply easier for me to read this way. However since the last big upgrade of this forum, the pop up where "Quote" and "Reply" are displayed, when one selects a text, is displayed below the selected text. Which means that it hides the text of the post that's displayed below it. So I have to unselect the text in order to continue reading, which defeats the purpose of having selected it in the first place. That's very annoying to me (because of the way I use text selection). My suggestion would be to move the pop up on the bottom right side where nothing is displayed so that nothing would be hidden, the pop up message still there, and no annoyance whatsoever for people who do like me (though I might be the only one).
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    Why don't you read first and select second? :smile:

    Something I can think of off hand is that moving the selector to the right might be problematic for lower resolutions.
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    No matter where you put it, it would be in the way for someone.

    Above the text? Bad if you marked a longer section and want to quote it - you might have to scroll up on mobile devices.
    On top of the text? Bad if you use the highlighted text to quote something.
    Below at any left/right orientation? can be on top of following text.
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    This is how the "Quote|Reply" looks on my browser. It's transparent, albeit only slightly so. Maybe Greg could make it a little lighter?
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    Because it's not intuitive to know which text to select so that the pop up appears right where I was reading. It might even be impossible.
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