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Moving charge in gravitational field.

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    An accelerated charge particle radiates. So, in the light of principle of equivalence, does a charge particle also radiate when it is in a gravitational field? Sorry if the question doesn't make any sense.
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    I would say no, because "acceleration" really means "proper acceleration". A box with a rocket on the bottom is the same as a box on the Earth because they both exhibit non-zero proper acceleration. If the box and the person inside are both being acted on by a graviational field and in free-fall, you can't tell that you're accelerating.

    If the particle is following a geodesic, I don't believe it will radiate.
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    we've had some good long threads about this, search the archive here at PF to read through them.
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    I thought so but somehow couldn't find. :(...Would you have some time to lead to those?

    Edited to add: I found one: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=65767 . Any other would be appreciated.
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