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Moving solar panel produce more power than a stationary one

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  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    Let us have a photo-voltaic circuit. The amount of emf induced in the photo-voltaic material is in direct proportion to the amount of photons(intensity) falling at it. Hence if we move the photo-voltaic material in a direction towards the source of the light, it must generate an increased emf owing to the increased photon intensity due to the relative motion to the photon with respect to the solar cell??? Or is this a violation of theory of relativity???
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    I don't think so. Relativistic effects would cause time dilation, but also cause the light to be blue shifted. So you would see each photon have more energy, but I don't know if you would see MORE photons per second or LESS.
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    ...the increased number of photons. Yes. Stop there, the rest makes no sense. There are indeed solar panels that are programmed to face the sun.
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