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Programs MS in Statistics or Data-mining

  1. Nov 6, 2016 #1

    So i'am really facing a hard time deciding weather to choose a Ms in Statistics or data-mining

    (please bear with my english as it's not my first language)

    a little bit about my background :

    .)a bachelor of science in applied mathematics and computer science
    .)good Gpa
    .)like mathematics and especially statistics so much
    .)like computer science and programming even more
    .)i prefer programming to mathematics but ideally i would prefer to use both in a job
    .)my goal is a career in marketing analytics but right now i want to get further in my studies.

    So basically according to the few researches i did and the conversations i had with few professors and professionals, my impression is that data-mining is a new field and it's not mature enough although it evolves rapidly whereas statistics is an old field, a well established science and is going to be a safe bet with some programming skills.

    i need to hear your opinions about these insights first then i would like to know the difference between a dataminer and a statistician according to you and finally which choice is going to be wiser : a MS in DM or MS in Stats for a career in analytics.

    any opinion is welcome, thank you.
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    My two cents:
    I wouldn't be afraid of a field that is "not mature". There will be a lot of growth in that field. Plain statistics often suffers from a lack of data and you may depend on others to collect data for you. Data mining recognizes that we currently have the ability to generate tremendous amounts of data that no one has the time to even look at. It will be great to have the combination of computer techniques to collect and process data, with the statistical background to analyse the results.
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