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MSN Messenger connection problem

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    Hi, I've MSN Messenger 7.x but I can't connect anymore. I'm behind the Windows Firewall (which I temporarely have disabled) and I'm connecting to the internet with a router, which has a built-in firewall. Can somebody help? Please.
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    As you have posted that you cannot connect to it anymore, I assume that you could once, so that there is nothing wrong with the installation. Try running the in-build function to find errors. If it is something wrong with your installation you could always upgrade to a higher version. It might also go away by itself (that is, a problem with their network) or you may have malicious programs on your computer. This is all I can do with the little information you have provided.
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    I think MSN Messenger 7.x can connect through HTTP if its ports aren't open, like many other messengers do, so it might not be a firewall issue.
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    Do you have Windows Messenger also running, it could be running in the background. This happened to a friend of mine and he had to kill Windows Messenger in order for MSN 7 to start running again.
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    What do you mean? The destination port on the MSN Server *can* be 80?

    I would check your username and password first..
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    That's right, i think Microsoft exposes a web interface, accessible through port 80, to their Messenger server, so when MSN Messenger's ports aren't available it can use this interface to send/receive messages.
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