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Mummies found in UK and Scotland

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    jim mcnamara

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    What more would you expect?

    This appears to be simply obervational data, and a reasonable explanation of older skeletal material with minimum decay. It is interesting, but mummies have been found in lots of places, for example: the Andes, Peruvian deserts, North Africa, Asia minor.

    The people who lived back then are us. They could learn. A common inference when you believe in an after life, is that you may need your body again. Okay. What would you do? Try to find a way to stop bodies from rotting. If you saw that animal carcasses were preserved under certain circumstances - like exposure to natron, slow smoke exposure, or burying in very cold montane areas - then you would say to yourself, 'Hey let's do that for for poor old Hermione'. So Hermione gets preservation of one sort or another. Since she doesn't object, and all her survivors felt better about the whole deal, then other people got the same treatment.

    PS: that site requires paid registration to see the whole article.
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    "Widespread mummification of the dead in ancient Britain has been kept under wraps — until now."

    Well, if mummification reduces damage to the body, we can expect to find a disproportionate number of mummies to ordinary burials.
    That does not mean mummification was widespread. It means the sampling is biassed by the mummification process.
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