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Music Theory for Engineers/Scientists

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    Basically, I'm looking for learning resources (preferably books) that are kind of like the title of the thread. I'd like to find a book that teaches intermediate-advanced musical theory from a more mathematical and/or physics perspective than normal music theory books. I've played various instruments since grade 4, so I know some basic theory, but I'd like to learn more, and my course on Fourier transforms has got me wondering if this could be accomplished through a more mathematical approach. Does anyone know of any good resources like this?
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    Those are great resources, thanks, I'll definitely check them out. Unfortunately, as you said, they're not quite what I'm looking for.
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    On the Sensations of Tone - Hermann Helmholtz
    Genesis of a Music - Harry Partch
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    You might want to look at HST725 from MIT open courseware. Check the recommended books in the library. Hope this helps.
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