Must we add QED correction to perturbative QCD?

Please teach me this:
It seem to me that when we consider high momentum,then the strong interaction become asymtotic week force,so we can use perturbative QCD.But at the same time,when considering large momentum,the ''electric charge'' became large,then the ''electric force'' between quarks can not be neglected.So must we add the QED correction to perturbative QCD?
Thank you very much in advance.
By the way, what is the symmetry corresponding with the lepton,barion...number conservative laws?
At the moment,I think that lepton number convervative law corresponds with SU(2)xU(1) symmetry and barion number conservative law corresponds with SU(3) symmetry.Because of the conservative laws,when we consider hadron sector we need not consider lepton sector and vice versa(meaning we need not consider QED correction in perturbative QCD in many cases).Is that correct?
I hear that still in framework of standard model,there are some cases that the lepton number conservative law is violated.Then how about the combination of QED and QCD in this case?
Sorry,I have mistaken:the lepton number conservation violate in each family,but still being conservative in considering all families of leptons.
Now I hear that neutrino has tiny mass,then standard model is slightly broken and lepton number conservation is violated?
In collision of electron and proton,if we have imagination of quarks being electric chargeless,then the collision was only elastic collision but could not produce hadrons other proton?(meaning output particle were electron and proton).In annihilation process of electron and positron producing hadrons,first the electro force process happens(through virtue photon) producing quarks,after that the strong force happends producing hadrons?
How can we explain the strong force process happen in collision between lepton and hadron producing new hadrons?

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