A Any developments on the origin of mass by QCD

Below I refer to the following article:

The Weight of the World Is Quantum Chromodynamics
Andreas S. Kronfeld
21 November 2008
Vol.: 322, Issue 5905 - pp. 1198-1199

I've been trying to find more information on the subject but it's been hard for a Google peasant like myself.

Just the other day I was talking to someone about the mass produced by the Higgs field and got it confused in my memory, so I went back and looked for this article and it clarified my mistake, I was confusing the Higgs generated mass with the virtual mass from QCD due to Quark Gluon interaction.

But still, that made me wonder if the findings from this article on Science are still holding strong or what else had advanced in the subject after so many years and the LHC going full force.

This is the article on Science: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/322/5905/1198
This is the pdf version of the article available for free: http://karman3.elte.hu/janosi/pdf_pub_H/sci08qcd-cikk.pdf


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In the Science article is the statement, "Nucleons, in turn, are composed of particles called quarks and gluons, and physicists have long believed that the nucleon’s mass comes from the complicated way in which gluons bind the quarks to each other, according to the laws of quantum chromodynamics (QCD)."

On this page, https://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/where-does-mass-come-from (2016), is the statement: "The Higgs field gives mass to fundamental particles—the electrons, quarks and other building blocks that cannot be broken into smaller parts. But these still only account for a tiny proportion of the universe’s mass.

The rest comes from protons and neutrons, which get almost all their mass from the strong nuclear force. These particles are each made up of three quarks moving at breakneck speeds that are bound together by gluons, the particles that carry the strong force. The energy of this interaction between quarks and gluons is what gives protons and neutrons their mass."

Also, see the comment: " “As it turns out, the down quarks interact more strongly with the Higgs [field], so they have a bit more mass,” says Andreas Kronfeld, a theoretical physicist at Fermilab. This is why the tiny difference between proton and neutron mass exists."

See also - QCD and the Origin of Mass (https://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/activities/akronfeld15)

Frank Wilczek (2012) notes on Origins of Mass: http://web.mit.edu/8.701/www/Lecture Notes/8.701originsOfMass04FA13.pdf

Additional historical note:"On the history of the strong interaction" by H. Leutwyler
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The Higgs discovery might be somewhat recent but it was expected to be there for decades. Older books are still fine, they just won't tell you the mass of the Higgs boson and some related properties.

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