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My career is down.what do i do

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    hello , i am from india
    I have passed out 12(senior secondary) from ignou university with only 50%. It took me 4 years to clear it due to personal unavoidable reasons. I am planning to give betterment and i will try to bring at least 60%.Presently I am studying in NIIT panbazar b.sc. IT . But there is a problem we are not taugth the pure sciences. I am very devoted to phy, maths (and computers). Will i have any problems afterwards if i dont have a strong foundation in maths and physics. If so what shall i do, i dont think correspondence course is for me ( cause i did not do well in ignou).where can i learn maths and physics? And i am 22 years old ( in 2nd year of b.sc. IT). Shall i take another bachelor degree after b.sc. IT(but i am getting old)? It will be good if i know in advance cause i have to prepare for it. Most of the good government colleges in india expect maths in bachelor degree for admission into post graduation. I will try to be in research ( in computers)when i get will get old. What shall i do?
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    It would be difficult for people here to advise you on your prospects in India. You should try going to a career guidance counselor. Perhaps they have one at NIIT. If not, try career launchers, I've heard they're pretty good. If youre in Delhi, then they have a center opposite Venky in south campus, one in CP too I think and one in Narayana. Look it up, I'm sure you'll find their numbers online and they aren't very expensive. They'll be much better informed on this sort of thing. Give it a shot.
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    I should try to get more math courses besides your first degree. That wouldn't hurt. Then you could always prolong the enrollment and enroll in more maths and physics courses when you are done. That way you can get two degrees.
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    Yes the more i know the better it is. But it will hurt me because I am not confident to do 4 courses ( i am doing b.sc. IT, mcts 70-536, and betterment for 12) and also maths course would increase the load. I will do one by one, if possible . And thanks for your attention. And i am planning to talk to career advisor at the last year of NIIT, like chaoseverlasting said.
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