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My engine oil is green color. Its normal?

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    today i did a oil change on my outboard engine. i found out the oil is green, its normal? If yes, why the oil will be green color? because i fill the new oil is golden color.
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    Some brands of motor oil are greenish colored when "new". Maybe the previous oil change used one of those.

    If the old oil looked "clean" (i.e. not dark colored sludge) I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I agree w/ AlephZero. I've used very greenish oil and as long as it is clean there's no problem. I don't know what goes in it that makes it greenish, but not to worry.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Klotz is red, Amzoil is green, Stihl oil is bright green, Echo oil is gold, Husqvarna oil is blue.
    Oh those germans..Stihl says their green oil is 80%biodegradable in 21 days...good marketing ploy..me ... i save my old motor oil until earth day when I have a huge bonfire. Old motor oil is great to start fire for my old race car tires...
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    If it is for the lower unit then they usually take gear oil which has a greenish hue (and stinky!). Are you perhaps talking about that or we discussing the engine oil?
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