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My fluid dynamic project, i need explenation

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    I have a physics project and i chose the topic of fluid dynamic (i dont know of it is really fluid dynamic but i think that is close enough). My level is only a high school student for information, in order to avoid any over complicating explenation.

    The concept is simple:

    first pour a glass of water on the florr.
    Then you can see a the water spread
    Wait until it stop spreading
    Then the water have a certain thick ness

    I some how able to have a flowing water of that thickness at a constant speed
    then i put an object, like my palm for instance
    the water would create a very interesting pattern.

    The pattern could show a laminar flow.
    I am not sure if what i thought as turbulet flow is actually a turbulent flow. coz the flow are not smooth yet stil fully transparent and no vortex has appear.

    my problem is that i can't explain the pattern form in association with the shape and size of the object, if i change my palm with some thing for example.

    i had taken some picture any i have trouble of posting it, i might been able to get some picture posted by tommorow.

    i made some attemp on analyzing the pattern, however, i cant be sure if my analysis is correct. my analysis would also be there by tommorow.

    thank you. and sorry about my english
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    Maybe try using simpler objects instead of your palm. Put a cylinder in the flow, for example (you can use a simple drinking glass if it is heavy enough to stay in place against the flow. Then try a square or rectangular cross-section object. Then try a thin object like a board end-on down into the flow, and vary the angle of attack of the board with respect to the flow. You should be able to see the laminar flow detach from the board at some angle of attack....
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    Adding photo

    I had uploaded some photos and they are avaliable at:


    yes berkeman, i did try not to use my hand and i did change the angle.

    I can see laminar flow, but i'm not sure if the one on the bottom is turbulence.

    for data transfer limit reason the link dont work and will be temorarily unavaliable.

    can someone suggest me how to post image?

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    Your pictures are too large. Use a paint program to resample them to a smaller size, maybe 60%? Here is NASA's link for Aerodynamics: http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/short.html" [Broken]. The section on "Boundary Layer" might interest you.
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