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My priorities to buy a Mac notebook

  1. Dec 31, 2014 #1
    Why I'd like to buy a Mac (currently desired level/10)

    1. To learn about Mac (7/10 - the rest 3/10 is due to my time limited - I have to work on a project that I am almost being drowned at present)
    2. To Port program code from Windows and test them (3/10 - because I know I only do this whenever I feel like doing so, maybe rarely)
    3. To Learn XCode at free time (5/10 - I would really love to but I almost have no free time and even when I become free, video games keeps twirling in my mind, can't get it out of my head. I think humans need relax and enjoy life, so go head hit the game door!)
    4. Mac is stylish and beautiful (2/10 I am not really into this as owning one also costs me $$$ but I still can get one via part payments :DD at 0% interest per month).

    I don't want to spend a thousand dollars and more on something that isn't offering me back anything fruitful. Sure, 4 points I enlisted are on top "at the moment", I still need a lot more straight and practical advice from you though. If you have any, please go ahead; I am really thankful!

    Happy New Year! May your upcoming year 2015 be filled with all the best. :angel:
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    Doug Huffman

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    I have found Fedora linux enlightening. I chose linux over expensive copyright OS for its frugality and openness to change.
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    I wanted to buy a MacAir model 2014, are they going to publish a new 2015 model ?
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    Check http://buyersguide.macrumors.com to see if a model is likely due for an imminent update.
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    That sounds like kind a good reasons to NOT buy one in the end. Because
    1. You don't have much time to use it anyways. So it's a big waste of money!!!
    2. It is for the stylish whose professional field is not much IT related e.g coding. :DD (i.e sales managers, business directors, story writers, smart and rich CEOs :D etc)
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    Thanks buddy. Your are really like my soulmate. :D Enjoy your holidays!
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    On eBay, you can buy a very low cost original Intel Mac. It won't run the latest MacOS, but the differences in OS versions are not that great. I have one of those original Intel Macs which I use for just the purposes you describe (i.e., testing multiple-platform applications). You can get one for $100 to $300. Good enough.
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