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Medical My right eyelid has been twitching for weeks.

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    I would cut it off but that will hurt. Thought about tape, but I don't think that will stop the twitching. This is driving me nuts.

    Is there any part of your body that is doing weird things or being uncooperative?
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    If it makes you feel any better, sometimes my contact lenses get "lost" on the inside of my eye. As one can imagine, it is indeed annoying. And painful.

    Nice. Sure as hell doesn't beat wall-crawling though.
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    My eyelid twitched everyday, on and off, for about two months. It was indeed annoying. I don't know what got it to stop.
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    The muscle beside the right side of my mouth was twitching this morning. I think it was stress related because every time my mind ran across this one particular thing it did it lol
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    lay off the caffeine. get some sleep. maybe check your lighting too.

    folic acid seems pretty unlikely, a theory would be nice. changing two things at once complicates cause and effect.
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    Sleep is fine, and I get next to no caffeine. I don't know what you mean by checking my lighting, though.
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    I hate eye twitches!!! Good luck.

    All medical advice has been deleted because we don't give medical advice, and we don't diagnose.

    See a doctor if it doesn't go away, or bothers you.
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