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Nailed foot before, and now burnt torso

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    Hello everyone :)

    I again need you golden help, and advise. It slowly becomes a custom for me to get something wrong with my body every month. I went to a water amusement park yesterday, and I exposed my body a little bit too much to the sun. I was alright yesterday. My usual skin color is bright (white, very white) and know it's red, dark red. The problem is that I got some yellow bubbles on my shoulders and partially on the back. I tried to stab these up a little with a toothpick, but there is so many of them, I quickly got bored. My skin is burning, roasting and hurts. I can't put my shirt on. Help me!

    /sorry/ I forgot to add that today in the morning I head a nausea, and I threw up. And I'm having a head ache right now, and I very rarely either throw up or get a head ache.
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    I hear a warm(not hot owwww!) Bath is good for sunburn for a while afterwards, also creams such as E45( a bit like vaseline but without the perfume) also helps the aftermath, keep the skin moisturised as with any burn, and don't whatever you do go out in the sun unless you look like an Innuit. Vampirism is herditary :biggrin: bad luck.
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    I used to use Solarcaine spray for a bad sunburn. It is a topical anesthetic(lidocaine) spray. I like the spray because you don't have to touch your skin to apply it.
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    Go to the hospital.

    I haven't even read your post.
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    If you have yellow bubbles, then you done serious damage to your skin. Do not pop them, or you risk infection. You might need antibiotic ointment on the blisters you popped. Wash your hands and try not to touch the skin that is broken.

    You should see a doctor with that severe of a sunburn.

    Aloe Vera creams and Vitamin-E are good topical agents to help the skin heal and keep moist. Take multivitamins, particularly Vitamin E.

    Next time use sun-screen - SPF 20+.
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    :rofl: This kid cracks me up! I was sunbathing yesterday and my back is red, but this kid managed to boil his skin!! :uhh:
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    Sunbathing? Wuss
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    Or a ginger? Or a vampire, or albino, oh you guys are just so cruel :rofl:
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    Heartless, I'm seriously beginning to suspect that you should be incarcerated for your own safety.
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    lol.... :rofl: :rofl:
    friggen dying here
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    Drink lots of liquids...the headache and nausea could be simple dehydration. That used to happen to me all the time going to amusement parks as a kid (the dehydration part). You just don't pay attention to what you're eating and drinking, and are so busy going on rides, you forget.

    As for the sunburn, ouch! I've done that one too, once. I also have very pale skin that burns easily. Leave the blisters alone so you don't get them infected. You can try a topical antibiotic ointment on the ones you already popped, but as long as it's not more extensive than your shoulders and a little of your back, you should be okay. There really isn't much else to do other than wait for time to heal it...you're going to peel like a lizard soon enough, and then you're just going to ITCH! So, you might want to plan ahead and get some creams for the itching, but don't put anything on it yet (you can use something like Solarcaine, which contains a mild topical anesthetic to make it feel better, but even that won't do much). Cool showers and loose cotton t-shirts are about all you can really do. Change the t-shirt a few times a day, especially once the blisters start breaking open...they'll start oozing a bit. It's normal for such a bad sunburn, and mostly you just want to keep the area clean, and drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

    Next time you go to a waterpark, or any other outdoor activity, wear lots of waterproof sunblock and reapply it every hour or so (if your skin is as pale as mine, applying it just once won't be enough), and a t-shirt when you're not in the water.

    If the headache and nausea doesn't go away with drinking more water, you should call your regular doctor and ask if they recommend you make an appointment or just keep doing what you're doing. When I had that bad of a sunburn as a kid, I went to the doctor, and they told me there wasn't anything they could do. :rolleyes: But, they might still want to take a look and make sure it's not getting infected.
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    Back where I came from we used to always rough those out. Every beginning of every summer we'd get burned, live with the pain for a bit then just keep goin to the beach every day. It stops hurting after a while :smile:
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    Do you need a dictionary? Can I help it if I am tall dark and handsome; meanwhile, your a short, dimwitted, birdbrain?
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    Thanks everyone for words.

    I take cold showers, these feel amazingly good for a while. Can I stand in sun in a shirt? or ride a bicycle while sun's shining over my head? Will these cause any problems. I'm only half a vampire :biggrin:

    I have a Dermplast, pain relieving spray, I'd spray my back and shoulders every several hours. I also have an aloe vera cream. Though I'm not really sure that any of them helps. Did Solarcaine help when you'd burnt your skin?

    I don'y have to pop them anymore. THey alone are popping on my shoulders and I have some yellow stuff all over my back, and chest. What is it by the way? I also have an Aloe Vera cream, and anti-pain spray. Are Centrum Performance multivitamins good? Aren't these vitamins dead already? Often high temperatures during preparation may kill vitamins. Is it true? Yeah, that's what a lot of people had been telling me today, to use uv filters (sun-screen). I didn't know that such things even exist. You know, I don't like sun, beaches, waterparks, etc. And I rarely expose myself or go to any. I've been a few times on a beach in my life, and all that was because of being forced to go, due to entire family meetings, uncle's visits etc. I didn't know about creams, filters and things like that until this point. Now I'm sure, everytime I would go to the beach, I will put these creams and filters on myself, though I think there won't be too many times. Now I hate beaches and waterparks even more! Thanks for good words Astronuc!

    Your back can't possibly be red. As far as I remember, you said you are from Turdikistan (or something like that) and that ought to be somewhere near pakistan, and paks have dark skin color, so there isn't a chance for your skin to turn brighter at 100 degrees. In fact, it won't even change a color :tongue:

    Are you so pathetic you go to a hospital everytime your body gets just slightly irritated? Come on, just gimme some home-made master ways of treating burnt skin super rapidly while leaving pain out in the bushes.

    Would I spend entire life in carcer just to keep myself safe from minor body domages? I think I will start studying some nutritional treaments of different health problems, before I do myself anymore domage. What do you think?

    And yet you're still able to write this message. You better call an ambulance before you die boy :tongue2:

    Thanks Moonbear. I can always count on your help and brilliant advices.
    I don't have much to say here, because you explained everything I need to know. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help. http://www.crossmedia.com.hk/f/style_emoticons/default/kiss.gif [Broken]

    Well, was it worth it?
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    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! That's right, Im brown, dark doo-doo brown. Actually, my skin changes color depending on my diet. I'm impressed that you remembered! :rofl: :cry:

    You and yomamma are too much.

    :rofl: Your killing me! :cry:
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    Of course, that's why we kept on doing it every summer :biggrin:
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    Math Is Hard

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    That's a neat trick. You're kinda like a mood ring.
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    Note how i didn't read your post, i just read the name of the original poster :biggrin:
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    Your mastery of the language never ceases to amaze me. :tongue:
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