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Nanotechnology: Physics or Engineering?

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    Hey guys!

    So here's my situation. I am now in my 4th semester at a community college. I am looking to transfer to either U.Va or Virginia Tech for in-state tuition. I am also choosing between a Physics major and an Engineering major (probably Materials Science specialization).

    I initially declared myself as an Engineering major. However, while I was taking classes at my college, I have noticed that I thoroughly enjoyed my Physics courses. I am aware that I only breached the surface of Physics by taking only the first two introductory courses but those courses were the only courses offered at my school.

    I currently have my eyes set on Nanotechnology. I am assuming the best way to pursue Nanotechnology is to go with an Engineering degree. However, I really like the sound of getting a Physics degree. With Virginia Tech, their Engineering program is great but I heard their Physics program was abysmal. I'm assuming that U.Va would be the better choice if I were going to pursue a Physics degree.

    So basically the question is: Would it better if I got an Engineering degree and go to Virginia Tech or should I aspire to acquire a Physics degree and attend U.Va for the ultimate goal of pursuing the Nanotechnology field? Or should I even consider reconsidering Nanotechnology?

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    You should reconsider considering nanotechnology, since its basically a buzzword covering the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry & biology [and not to forget, materials science]. So you can approach it from any of those fields.

    Bare in mind that all the stuff that has "nano" in it, is a normal evolution of science and NOT a revolution.
    So just go for the field you like most.

    You might also be interested in: http://nanohub.org/resources/courses

    p.s. the 'nano' word has some magical effect on the general public.
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    I see, thanks - I will keep that in mind.
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